Identification & Verification at the tip of your fingers

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Your Identification and Verification tool

Many pension scheme members live overseas. Verifying their addresses without the need for posting sensitive documents or arranging costly affidavits can be a lengthy and challenging process.

Target has designed ground-breaking technology, due for release in 2018. This will allow us to confirm member existence and electronically validate documents within minutes and with minimal impact for the members.

Take a selfie, speak a passphrase, touch a finger to the device. This is how easy you can make it for your members to verify their existence and contact details.


Your frictionless digital journey

The Target solution uses a combination of biometrics and liveness techniques and checks the authenticity of the member against validated documents. All within seconds. A simple process, but the technology behind it is complex. While the biometrics provides a highly secure method of authentication, the liveness techniques ensures your member is still present. It also reads, extracts and authenticates data from a multitude of UK and International documents – including passports, ID cards, driving licences and more.

With ground breaking innovation in mobile technology and biometrics, the Target solution offers a secure and convenient way to keep your members data up to date.


App Services

  • International Proof of Life
  • Member Verification
  • Pre-Retirement Registration
  • Longevity Swaps